Service: Participation in the online College Choice Survey. This quik survey is designed to provide you feedback on what your prospective admitted students think about your institution and what influenced them during their college search.
Administration: Spring 2012
Cost: TBD
What you get:
  • You get a unique URL for your institution, linking respondents to your institution's custom built online version of the survey, featuring your institution's logo and color scheme. The survey features customizable questions to tailor the survey to your institutions specific needs.
  • An option to have students submit their student ID or other unique identifier to validate. Using this validation scheme, you will be able to link your student responses with valuable institutional data and limit responders to one response per student.
  • A password protected administration screen where you can monitor real time response rates, view summary results and comparison data, customize your survey items, download your survey data, and see a summary of open-ended comments.
  • Rapid turnaround of survey data. Most survey data can be gathered in less than 2 weeks and you'll instantly have live access to the survey data.
 Sample survey:  Sample Coming
 What you have to do:
  1. Complete the Intent to Participate form below.
  2. will contact you to confirm participation, invoice you, set up your site and email you a password.
  3. Log in and customize your survey.
  4. Email the link to your students. (Follow-up mailings recommended)
  5. View the results, download and analyze the collected data.

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